For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a born-to-be entrepreneur with a seriously creative spirit (we’re talking about organizing for-profit talent shows during recess, publishing neighbor newspapers at age 10, and creating countless other business ventures - just for kicks.) So, it came as no surprise when my creatively adventurous spirit led me from Southern California to New York City.

After a few degrees in Advertising and English Literature and a quick stint on Madison Ave, the pre-subscribed expectations of life came crashing down on me. I quickly realized that I wasn’t interested in getting a “good-job” simply to have one. (Cubicles and I never seemed to click.)

I realized that my true passion was not rooted in status or financial success. Rather, it was firmly grounded in a passion for serving people - small business owners, risk-takers, and visionaries - who knew they were intended to make an impact, but needed a little help with all the "marketing stuff” that's essential for getting their message in front of the right people.

So I took a leap. I left my well-paying and secure job, and dove head-first into entrepreneurship. In my typical “go-getter” fashion, I became an avid student of digital marketing, design, copywriting, integrations, team-building and more! Here’s the kicker: my mind was completely blown to find I could create a life outside of the “cookie-cutter” mold I thought I wanted my entire life.

I was sick and tired of playing behind the scenes as I watched others take the credit and glory for my hard work and big ideas. Which got me thinking…if I couldn't quiet the persistent and unshakeable voice that told me I was meant for something BIGGER, my clients more-likely-than-not had that same feeling. And guess what? My suspicion was spot-on! 

Now, I’ve dedicated my life, career, and heart to helping other unstoppable entrepreneurs stop hiding in the shadows of what is comfortable, and instead step into their power, celebrate their worth, and create HUGE impact. 

I’m so grateful to have spent thousands of hours consulting, creating, building, and teaching entrepreneurs across the globe. I’ve listened to hundreds of passionate entrepreneurs, built hundreds of brands, taught on stages, and most importantly to me, encouraged entrepreneurs to operate out of confidence because they are grounded in their own authenticity, authority, and worth.

Today, I’m obsessed with helping entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and business-owners create and launch far above average brands, courses, and programs. I’ve uncovered, embraced, and taken a deep dive into my true passion and purpose. I want the same for you. 

If you’re ready to stop living life on someone else’s terms or struggling on your own, I’d love to hear your story and the vision you have for your next chapter!

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