“I believe an impactful brand is the harmonious intersection between your story, your business, and your ability to solve problems for your clients. It’s my mission to help you unlock that magic recipe so you can stop struggling and start standing out! Here’s the truth: after thousands of hours spent consulting, creating, building, and teaching entrepreneurs across the globe, I've learned when we operate in our own authenticity, authority, and worth, we canteen operate in confidence.”

About Elise as

a Keynote Speaker

Elise Cruz is an accomplished Brand Expert, Business Consultant, and Graphic Designer, and Copywriter who has dedicated her career to helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, and teams demystify one majorly “scary” buzzword - branding. With pointed focus on strategy AND creativity, Elise is passionate about building brands that actually convert and that people love. Today, she uses that same passion to inspire virtual and physical audiences to crystalize their message, communicate their worth, and massively expand their impact.

After a few degrees in Advertising and English Literature and a quick stint on Madison Ave, the pre-subscribed expectations of life came crashing down on her. Elise quickly realized that she wasn’t interested in getting a “good-job” simply to have one.

She realized that her true passion was not rooted in business or financial success, rather it was firmly grounded in a passion for serving people - small business owners, risk-takers, and visionaries - who knew they were intended to make an impact, but need a little help with “all-that marketing stuff” essential for getting their messages in front of the right people.

Today, Elise is pairing her passion for creativity and business with an even stronger passion for people. Over the last 3 years, Elise has spent thousands of hours consulting, creating, building, and teaching entrepreneurs across the globe who also can’t ignore that relentless feeling that they were meant for more.

Know Your Brand

The primary foundation to your business and its success is knowing, really knowing, your brand.

That means you fully understand your ideal target audience, how to talk to them, what to offer them, and how to meet their needs - even the ones they're too afraid to share. 

This training is ideal for organization or individual looking to crystalize their message, make a claim, finally put a stake in the ground. 

Be the Leader You Wish You Had

Let's face it. We've all had a leader who could have used a few more leadership development classes before taking center-stage.

In this training, we'll get the core of what an effective leader is made of. More importantly, we will uncover the truth that one leadership style does not fit all. Instead we will work to uncover the intersection between your unique experience, your expertise, and your natural gifting so you can embrace a leadership style that best suits you and the people you serve. 

Empathy: More than a Buzzword

As entrepreneurs, we know that at times business is indeed personal. 

Empathy has become a hot, buzz-word in the past few years, and even though most people accept that being empathetic is the right thing to do, you may not realize that empathy can also be a competitive, business advantage. 

When leaders and employees alike listen to and understand each other it creates opportunity for compassionate, committed, and aligned action.

Learning to Trust The Little Voice

I believe the smallest voice, the one that begs to be heard and refuses to be silenced is the very voice that needs to be heard. Needs to be shouted from the rooftops, shown on the big screen, and shared with the world. 

In this training we’ll uncover what it means to trust your intuition, expertise, and self so you can ask better questions and make even decisions that serve you, and not the other way around. Once you better understand yourself and your non-starters, you'll have the power to  heighten your impact and start pursuing the life you actually want. 

Looking for something different? Even more custom-tailored topics are available to best fit your organization’s and audience’s needs.

If you're looking for a speaker who can...

Translate complex concepts into relatable scenarios that audiences actually understand

Captivate audiences with vivid and engaging storytelling

Teach tangible techniques and strategies that inspire audiences to take real action...AKA no more fluff!

Bring heart, emotion, and energy to every topic so audiences not only learn, but also feel

Create an unforgettable experience that people will never forget

...then, I'm Your Gal!

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