November 17

Coré S. Cotton


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Coré S. Cotton

Coré S. Cotton

Attorney at Law & Grammy-Winning Artist

“I cannot say enough about Elise Cruz as a brand coach. I have worked with several brand consultants throughout my 30 plus-year career, and I can truly say that Elise is at the top of the list! Not only does she bring to the table comprehensive vision, extensive expertise, and targeted thought leadership, she also has the uncanny ability to step behind the eye of her client to patiently and artfully bring into focus the perfect blend of vision, purpose, and engagement, which makes you feel valued as both a client and a partner. What I found most remarkable about our journey together, is that, though I have dual careers with multiple value streams, Elise listened intently and carefully connected all parts of me into one succinct and engaging brand. My ‘story’ is intentionally threaded through every line of copy, every photo, and every page of my website. As a trusted colleague commented when I showed her our final brand design and website, ‘she captured the very essence of you.’ Elise is the ‘real deal’ brand coach!”

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