November 17

Jamie Star Crawford


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Jamie Star Crawford

Jamie Star Crawford

Founder, Coach, Transition Specialist

“Elise is pure magic. No, literally. She can transform anyone’s story into a powerful message that will rock a person to their core. As a coach who supports others in transition, one of the gaps in my marketing message was connecting the story of my life to why I do what I do now. Elise was the exact person that I needed to connect the dots on a lifetime of lessons, stories, and wisdom. 

She has this unparalleled gift of relating to your words and your perception of life, and ultimately conjuring a message that is completely reflective of what you are wanting to get across. It was incredible to see myself in HER words. Working with Elise was effortless and felt as if I was talking to my sister. Her calming and comforting demeanor was instantly inviting of my emotional surrender. Every question that she asked led to an even better question. Like a good detective, she built me a map of what would become my message to the world. 

She took a process that for years had overwhelmed me and turned it into 3, 2, 1, easy. Honestly, I felt relief and laughed that I didn’t find her earlier. Elise is a natural-born story-teller, and her ability to relate to whoever is with her is a rare quality that is only amplified by her quality of writing. I cannot thank her enough for her professional and personal approach that immensely supported me as I moved into this next season of my coaching expansion. Thank you!!!”

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